FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Question: What time do we need to be out of the facility?
Answer: For the Party Room there is a 5 hour limit, or there is additional costs and arrangements need to be made prior to your event. For the Main Hall the bar always closes for weddings and most events by midnight, and then we give you time to load gifts and other belongings.

Question: Do you offer a kid’s meal?
Answer: Only if we are doing a plate dinner served.

Question:  What payments are expected for a wedding?
Answer:  Deposits are due upon signing the contract to secure the facility for the date of your event.  A prepayment is due two weeks before your event and a final invoice is due within ten days of your event.  Romer’s Catering accepts cash, check, and credit card.


Question: What are most people selling the fundraiser meals for?
Answer: $9.00 – $10.00

Question: When do you need the final count?
Answer:  10 days before the event

Question: Can we add to the count?
Answer: We can accommodate small increases but no decreases.


Question: Do you provide linen tablecloths for OP events?
Answer: If Romer’s Catering is doing the catering for the event, linen tablecloths can be rented for $7.00 each.

Question:  How far will Romer’s Catering travel for off-premise events?
Answer:   Romer’s Catering will travel within a 40 mile radius (approximately) from our St. Henry Facility.

Question:  Will your staff serve the wedding table and stay throughout the meal?
Answer:  Our staff will stay throughout the meal and bring all of our equipment back.  We will serve the wedding table for an additional fee.