Winchester Towne Square & Community Centre

The Towne Square Community Centre renovation was started in March 2011 and was completed by July 2011. Formerly known as Hawkins Appliances and JC Penny before that, the current facility was renovated under the new energy conservation code, exterior walls all have additional insulation and lighting system throughout the facility is controlled by a computer in the basement. While renovating the building to modern energy codes, they strived to preserve the historical integrity of the building and therefore replaced the ceiling with a replica of the original tin ceiling with exact duplicates constructed by a company out of Cleveland. Even the elevator in the rear of the building is still an Otis hand operated rope driven elevator which was the second elevator Otis installed in the state of Indiana, it’s still operational and is used on a daily basis.

Winchester Towne Square & Community Centre

Even though they’ve restored the facility close to its original historical look and feel, they wanted to offer a facility with modern technology to meet the needs of the community. You’ll notice around the room, six 72 inch High Definition televisions which can be utilized for cable television, playing DVD’s, connecting to the internet, gaming system hookup and more. The entire facility is also hardwired and has wireless capabilities for PowerPoint presentations. The sound system is an independent system which will accommodate all audiovisual needs as well as support the use of a wireless microphone. It has other amenities such as a portable bar, dance floor, linens, china table settings and the full use of a service prep area (some restricitions apply).

From company meetings and parties to wedding receptions and banquets, Towne Square Community Centre will do what it takes meet your facility needs.

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